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About Stevenson

Our Vision

Every student will be a Successful, Thinking, Achieving,
Responsible Student (STARS)

Stevenson Elementary School, is a traditional year school that has a very dedicated staff and a marvelous, cultural and linguistically diverse student body. Our teaching staff is committed to providing a high quality educational program that challenges students to think and to actively participate in their own learning.

Top Reasons to Consider Stevenson

  • Phenomenal teachers and staff members
  • Rigorous Academics
  • Transitional K
  • Literacy Classes Grades 1-3
  • Peace Builders Program
  • Child Development Center
    (before and after-school care)
  • YMCA-WRAP after school care


Common Core Instructional Shifts

Promising Practices

Teachers at Stevenson been enhancing their professional practice by teaming together to focus on Common Core Instructional Shifts.

Close Read:  Students are expected to analyze text both as a reader and as an author.  It is purposeful re-reading of a specific text or section of text to investigate meaning and the author's intentions.  Students read like a detective!

Collaborative Conversations:  Students engage in scholarly discussions that drive a deeper understanding of a text.  Students are expected to support their ideas with evidence from the text.  Students both ask and answer questions about a text or topic and engage in purposeful conversations to gain new understanding.

Formative Assessments: Students, as well as teachers, are practicing giving actionable feedback to each other on how to improve their work to meet the learning targets.  Feedback is both positive and corrective.  Students then use their corrective feedback to make changes to their work before finalizing their product.